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Summer Skin Care Tips For A Radiant Skin

What Summer Does to Your Skin

Your skin care routine must change in the summer months due to the warm temperature. The sun may affect your skin if you do not take care of it. Similar to wardrobe changes, skin care routine must also change to meet the requirements of the harsh heat. Too much sun is a bad thing for your skin because over exposure to the rays of the sun can be the cause of premature ageing if skin. You could also get tanned though usually it isn’t considered a con. When our skin is exposed to the sun the pigment in our skin called melanin increases in production. This is the reason for skin tanning and the cause for a change in the colour of your skin. Therefore sunscreens are the common precaution. Summer maybe the time for relaxing and enjoying outdoors but this doesn’t mean you neglect your skin. UVA/ UVB rays are generally considered harmful to the skin but during summer it is said to be more dangerous because of high levels of exposure.

Take Care of your Face

Your skin care regimen during summer months needs to be one that hydrates and keeps the face clean and oil free. Pimple breakouts are most likely to appear during this period of you do not keep your face clean from dust and sweat. Make sure you do regular facial treatments like face peels Gold Coast to get rid of the damaged layer on your skin. Every single person no matter the skin type must use a scrub once or twice a week in summer.

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

Make exfoliating a habit and even though it seems tedious it makes a big change not only to the health of your skin but also in its ability to absorb creaming goods. This will not only get rid of the layer of dead skin cells but also make hair removal less painful. Effective hair removal is always a better option as it is not painful and results are permanent.

Sunscreen is Very Important

UV rays are harmful for the skin but is more dangerous in the summer. So applying sunscreen is crucial to avoid skin conditions caused by the sun. You must pick a sunscreen that works well with your skin and gets absorbed. If you are going swimming keep reapplying as it washes away. It minimizes Sun spots and even delays wrinkles.

Natural Home Remedies

There are many ingredients in your kitchen that help soothe the skin and keep it fresh like lemon and tomatoes.

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